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TIM.EXP-025 - Raquel Gonzalez - Sonic Creations For Violin And Lyra - CS

TIM.EXP-025 - Raquel Gonzalez - Sonic Creations For Violin And Lyra - CS

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Chicago musician & composer Raquel Gonzalez has spent the last five years as a studio and live musician for various bands throughout the Midwest, often involved in the composing and arranging process. Her composition series, Sonic Creations with a Lyra-8 highlights a synthesized violin sound and duets between the instrument and a Lyra-8 synthesizer. About the album & its process, Gonzalez says, “Sonic Creations for Violin and Lyra yielded experimentation with my electric violin and a Soma Lyra-8 both separately and together. Side A is mostly a standalone Lyra. Straight up, a fair amount of it is harsh noise. I enjoyed tuning the Lyra, which was an excruciating process, to create resonance and dissonance intentionally. Side B challenged my ability to compose for violin and my ability to improvise. I would plug my electric violin into the Lyra and mess with the LFO or use other pedals. I love exploring how I can make my instrument beautiful in unconventional ways, and this album is exactly that.“ This is Gonzalez’s debut release, where near-industrial soundscapes bump shoulders with radiophonic ambience. “Sonic Creations For Violin And Lyra” is a stunning intro to a beguiling new voice that transcends the “woodshedding” nature of the tracks & elevates them toward a conscious whole. 

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