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TIM.EXP-016 - Turner Williams - Let It Warp - CS

TIM.EXP-016 - Turner Williams - Let It Warp - CS

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Turner Williams Jr. is an Alabama-born artist & musician currently residing in Marseille, France who has performed and recorded under the moniker Ramble Tamble as well as a member of the avant-garde troupe Guardian Alien. Williams is a master of the "shahai baaja", an electrified zither modified with typewriter keys that de-tune several strings, plus 12 additional unfretted strings that drone sympathetically.

About "Let It Warp", Williams says "This music is shaped by the 32 winds of my new home and the endless whatever warp of life since I moved here at the beginning of 2020. All improvised in the hills above the city and recorded on a phone that also received voice memos from friends at home and transmitted streams to orbit wherever. For lost friends, living family, wind & time." "Let It Warp" is Williams' first entry in Trouble In Mind's Explorers Series.

Turner Williams Jr. - electric shahi baajas, pedals, riviera organ, phone, computer & artwork
Carol & Leah Hamby - voices on "Blunt County Fantasia"
Johnny Coley - poem & voice on "Memo From Johnny"
Produced by Turner at La Panouse Marseille, FR 2020-21
Mastered by Angel Marcloid at Angel Hair Audio
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