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TIM.EXP-015 - Matt Jencik - Matt and Lyra - CS

TIM.EXP-015 - Matt Jencik - Matt and Lyra - CS

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Chicago musician Matt Jencik has been making music for decades now, be it in Nineties rockers Hurl, or more recently in Chicago avant-rock band Implodes. Since 2017, Jencik has been composing electronic drone & ambient music under his own name, and "Matt & Lyra" is his newest collection. About "Matt & Lyra", Jencik says: "I’m a big fan of fuzzy frequencies. After watching some demos for the Russian-built Lyra-8 synthesizer & hearing the fuzzed-out, insect-like sounds law I knew I had to get one. It’s a finicky little box & sometimes it’s difficult to control but once I understood the basics I started to find some wonderful tones. My original intent was to make music for my own personal use that I could listen to at night as I was falling asleep or to help me relax. Everything has been so dark the past few years and I was determined to make something that felt positive and light. The pieces are more sound collage/tone baths than songs but eventually, I realized that this music might be helpful and soothing for other people too. There are some other instruments on there but the Lyra is the true star." Jencik's most recent previous album "Dream Character" was released on Hands in the Dark in 2019, and Trouble In Mind is honored to welcome him to the Explorers Series.

Recorded in Chicago by Matt Jencik 2019-2020, with some mixing by Pete Prezzano.

Mastered by Mark Yoshizumi
J-card/label art by Paul Clark
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