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TIM.EXP-014 - Landon Caldwell and Mac Blackout - Linear Revolution - CS

TIM.EXP-014 - Landon Caldwell and Mac Blackout - Linear Revolution - CS

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"Woke up with revolutions repeating in my head" Mac said to me. Then there were whispered suggestions of the marriage of time and linear pathways that have beginnings and ends.

We were all locked up. We were looking for objects of beauty. We were looking for a way out, like the unnoticed bathroom window or the flowers in the backyard whose names you know.

We traded some takes back and forth. That was a momentary escape. This little conversation. It just happens like that. I’d start droning along about love and unity and Mac would get going. The next thing we knew we had these two beautiful children, serene cacophonies of saxophone, electric piano, synthesizers, and more. Two mellow blazers ripping across the autumnal night sky."

-Landon Caldwell, Fall 2020

Mac Blackout is an acclaimed visual artist, muralist, and musician from Chicago. He cut his teeth musically in the early 2000s Chicago punk scene and in recent years has taken a more explorative direction with his multimedia collective “Armageddon Experimental Band”. In November 2020 Trouble in Mind records released “Love Profess” his first solo album in seven years, described as an emotional artistic portrait of our times, mixing elements of free improvisation, avant-garde composition, minimal pop, and analog synth experimentation.

Landon Caldwell is an Indianapolis-based artist, musician, and producer. His work explores the language of intuition, family, and ecology in the industrial midwest, frequently hovering between minimalism and free improvisation. He has released music on Astral Spirits, Trouble In Mind, Moon Glyph, Atlantic Rhythms, and Medium Sound, his own label with collaborator Mark Tester.

Mac Blackout: Alto saxophone, guitar, synthesizer, and electric piano
Landon Caldwell: Organ, synthesizer, percussion, and flute

Composed, improvised, and recorded by Landon (Indianapolis) and Mac (Chicago) remotely during the pandemic, Fall 2020.
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