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TIM.EXP-013 - Gardener - I Am Here For A Moment - CS

TIM.EXP-013 - Gardener - I Am Here For A Moment - CS

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"One day, many years ago, during a languid West Coast tour, I stopped at an overlook somewhere near Big Sur in California. Mountains plunged into the sea in a way somewhat annoying in its drama; the geographical beauty was overwhelming to the point of absurdity. I remember being so struck by what I saw that I couldn’t move. I wanted to grasp every inch of what was before me and drag it into my being, nestling it safely within me in a hidden spot, available for access when the need to escape arose. At any moment I could revisit that beauty and once again be filled with awe, with wonder, with hope, joy, sadness, and pain all at once. It would be mine.

It’s impossible, however, to take in all that you see or feel. It’s just there; you’re simply attendant. All you can do is breathe it in, feel happy you had the chance to experience it, and grieve the fact that you can’t fully take it with you.

I made this record as an attempt to understand those fleeting instances. This existence is at once incredibly beautiful and incredibly painful. It’s full of melody, rhythm, hum, drone, noise, and stillness. In making I Am Here For A Moment, I wanted to pinpoint those moments of true presence and do my best to encapsulate in sound both the ecstasy of being one with everything and the terror of doubting that possibility.

The album was recorded at my home in Richmond, Virginia, using a few synthesizers, some effects pedals, a couple of percussion instruments, and my voice." ~Dash Lewis

All sounds by Dash Lewis
Mixed by Dash
Photo by Dash
Layout by Rae Whitlock
Mastered by Cyrus Shahmir
Mastering Assistant John Armstrong
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