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TIM.EXP-012 - Derek Monypeny - Unjust Intonation - CS

TIM.EXP-012 - Derek Monypeny - Unjust Intonation - CS

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"Unjust Intonation (aka Unequal Temperament, aka The Poorly-Tuned Guitar) consists of 4 short sections of my guitar playing run through a digital time-stretching effect, which pulled the sections into various long-duration forms like so much salt water taffy.

This process revealed fascinating (to me, anyway) sound worlds not clearly present in the original recordings.

I don't consider this music to be ambient. If you can 'zone out' to it, though, Jah bless.

I want to thank Trouble In Mind for working with me on this project, and I also want to thank the many brilliant pioneers, giants, and current practitioners of what is inaccurately labeled as 'minimalist music' for their deep inspiration."

-Derek Monypeny, Yucca Valley, CA, March 2021

Derek Monypeny: Guitar, Lime Tag Accumulator

Recorded and edited by Derek Monypeny at Studio Pendejo, Yucca Valley, CA, April-May 2020
Mastered by Jacob Felix Heule
Artwork by Thomas Yates

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